Corten Metal Structure

Corten Metal Structure

Our machining experts at Horner Fan & Fabrication manufactured this corten steel sculpture using laser cutting and other machining capabilities for a client in the art industry, Thomas Ramey. With a four week deadline, we assigned only the employees with the most extensive experience with the processes used, in order to ensure efficient production within the tight time constraint.

The production order for this artistic sculpture called for seven individual pieces, manufactured from corten steel in varying thicknesses: 10 gage, 3/8″, and 3/16″ (1.5 x 1.5 angle). Each piece measured 15′ tall by 4.5′ wide, with a thickness of 10″ and an inside radius of 126.4″. The customer required tolerances of ± 1/32″ for the base plate holes, and ± 1/16″ for body to base dimensions.

Our process began with laser cutting using CAD/Sigma Nest programming, to cut the raw corten steel to a useable shape, as well as to cut the two large cavities in each piece. Band saws were used to cut angle iron. We then used our roll forming machines to form the components to the customer’s design, and used MIG welding to assemble the sculpture. Finally, we applied a grinding process to grind the weld joints smooth. To achieve the customer’s final finishing requirements, we allowed the raw material to rust evenly, applied a clear vinegar brush coat finish, and worked with one of our partners for a sand blasted surface texture.

The final 1,500 lb. units were hauled on a flatbed trailer to our customer’s location, well within the promised delivery time.

Project Highlights

Product Description This custom corten steel structure sculpture is used within the
Art Industry.
Capabilities Applied/Processes Laser Cutting
Roll Forming
MIG Welding
Saw Cutting
Sand Blasting
Overall Sculpture Dimensions Height: 15′
Width: 4.5′
Thickness: 10″
Inside Radius: 126.4″
Material Thickness:
10 Gage
3/16″ (1.5″ x 1.5″ Angle)
Tightest Tolerance ±1/32″ (Base Plate Holes)
±1/16 (Body to Base)
Material Used Corten Steel
Color Raw Finish Steel Allowed to Rust Evenly
Standard Operations
Standard Operations Laser Cutting:
CAD/Sigma Nest Programming
Material Cut to Workable Shape
Roll Forming:
Form Components to Customer
MIG Welding:
Assemble Sculpture
Grind Welds Smooth
Estimated Part Weight 1,500 Lbs
Volume 7
Turn Around Time 4 Weeks
Industry for Use Art
Delivery Location Customer Specified
Standards Met Customer Design
Only Our best Employees Worked on This Project to meet
the 4 Week Deadline
Product Name Metal Sculpture