Diameter Cyclone Unit

Diameter Cyclone Unit

This custom cyclone unit was manufactured by Horner Fan and Fabrication for a client in the paper mill industry. Composed of several different pieces, including a cone, top housing, and a rain cap, the primary material was 10 gage hot rolled steel, and we used a variety of manufacturing processes.

Working with raw material ranging in dimension from 48″ by 96″ up to 72″ by 120″, we started with laser cutting. Using CAD/Sigma Nest programming for our laser cutters, we cut sections for the cone, the top housing, and the rain cap. Next, we saw cut the frame sections, and roll formed components to meet the customer’s design. We weld laser cut sections to produce the form and frame. To finish the cyclone, we painted it gray with a roller. The final cyclone measured 102″ in outside diameter, 106″ wide, 20′ tall, and weighed an approximate 5,000 lbs.

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Project Highlights

Product Description Custom Cyclone Unit is used within the Saw/Paper Mill Industry,
and comes equipped with rain cap and frame structure.
Capabilities Applied/Processes Laser Cutting
Roll Forming
MIG Welding
Saw Cutting
Overall Sculpture Dimensions Raw Material:
48″ x 96″
48″ x 120″
60″ x 96″
60″x 120″
72″ x 120″
1/4 x 2 Angle
1/4″ x 2-1/2 Angle
1/4″ x 3 Angle
Diameter: ø102″
Width: 106″ Overall
Height: 20′
Material Thickness:
10 Gage HR
10 Gage (1/4″ HR Angle)
Material Used Hot Rolled Steel
Finish Painted Gray w/ Roller
Standard Operations Laser Cutting:
CAD/Sigma Nest Programming
Cut Sections for:
• Cone
• Top Housing
• Rain Cap
Saw Cutting:
Cut Frame Sections
Roll Forming:
Form Components
to Customer Design
MIG Welding:
Weld Laser Cut Sections
to Produce Form
Weld Saw Cut Sections
to Produce Frame
Estimated Part Weight 5,000lbs
Turn Around Time 7 Working Days
Industry for Use Saw/Paper Mill
Delivery Location Customer Pick-Up
Standards Met Customer Design
Product Name 102″ Diameter Cyclone